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JACQUES B. STEYN DIRECTOR / DOP Jacques B. Steyn is for sure one of the most experienced Director/DPs in the business with a world-wide reputation for his professionalism and, hands on approach in shooting the biggest and most challenging projects. His eye for breathtaking views, his technical perfection and his ability to catch the unique emotion of a moment makes production houses from all over the world call for Jacques when it comes to shooting top notch car commercials and corporates. Being fluent in speaking English, French, Dutch and German and also fair in Italian and Spanish, it is not an effort at all for Jacques to build up a great communication with agencies and clients from all continents.

Jacques b. steyn was born on the 25th of august 1954 in the netherlands. after finishing school, he decided to work his way up in the film industry to become a director of photography. after having gone through all possible film jobs he soon became an electrician and a camera-assistant.
working in documentary, television, commercial and feature film industry he experienced a wide variety of the different aspects of filmmaking. he was formed and influenced by many different dop‘s from england, the usa and france. being a gaffer on european and american feature films gave him the courage to start as dop.
jacques became a dop at the age of 24. he has worked on all kind of film projects, starting from small art films to big budget commercials and feature projects all over the world, under all kind of circumstances.

earning the “deutsche filmpreis” (the german “oscar”) for photography on the highly successful feature film “abwärts” (“out of order”) opened the door to hollywood in 1985.
since that year he has also been working as a director and/or director/dop in commercial film business. jacques is a founding member of the german filmacademy, he is registered as a dop at the centre national du cinema in france and member of the bvk in germany and the nsc in holland. he founded the production company radical images productions gmbh in 1990 in germany, where he has produced, directed and photographed hundreds of commercials and image films. since january 2005 he is available again as a free-lance dop for feature film and as a free-lance dop and/or director/dop for commercials and image films.